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Sri Chaitanya School is a leading education provider in India. Started in 1986 by Dr. B.S. Rao and his wife Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Boppana, with a vision to provide affordable and full-fledged learning to every student. Sri Chaitanya Educational Intuitions and its all learning facilities are working towards academic excellence and personal development of every kid. Our major goal is to nourish the students with necessary skills and knowledge so that they can acknowledge their true potential and work towards a successful career.

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Currently we have more than 320 Sri Chaitanya Schools and more than 300 Sri Chaitanya Junior Colleges. We are very proud to mention that our facilities are spanned all over India. Our skilled and dedicated faculties are experts, professionals, and scholars who create a safe and learning atmosphere for the students. Our educational Institution is built on the foundation of true commitment, excellence, innovation, high-quality education, and personal growth. We, at Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions invite you to be a part of our community and strive towards a great future.

Why is Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution the best?

We believe that choosing the right educational institute is an essential step in the development of your career as well as your life. At Sri Chaitanya educational institution, we are doing everything possible to make the education more simplified and enjoyable for our students. There are several considerable things that make Sri Chaitanya educational institutions and Sri Chaitanya School the best option for you.

Faculties at its Best

We take pride in our faculty members and their approach towards each and every student. At Sri Chaitanya educational institutions, we have mentors who are dedicated towards making a change and they push every student beyond their limits. With the guidance of our professionals and scholars, our students are able to gain knowledge and wealth of skills that will help them make a successful future for them.

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Educating Diverse Communities

With the aim of providing affordable and accessible education to every individual, our services to all the communities. At Sri Chaitanya educational institutions, we have established a culture to encompass educational experiences for everyone. The achievements and accomplishments of our students stand as an inspiration and testament for us.

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Holistic Development of Every Student

Beyond required academics, we work toward the holistic development of every child. At Sri Chaitanya educational institutions, we believe in providing opportunities that can help the students grow such as leadership choices, extracurricular projects, personality-building programs. We work towards making a better future for our students so that they can be well-competent to face the real world challenges.

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Inception & Rise of Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions

Established with an aim to provide reasonable education to every individual, Sri Chaitanya educational institution is Asia’s largest education group.

The education group is initiated to solve the problem of rural areas where education is not accessible for all. For providing affordable necessary learning to all, we have found Sri Chaitanya educational institutions.

Sri Chaitanya educational institutions with its elongated branches emphasize on the advancements towards holistic development of the student, affordability and inclusivity.

We have a vision to prepare our learners for all the real-world challenges by providing top-ranked education opportunities. We encourage those who are deserving and inspiring.

Sri Chaitanya educational institutions have experienced a tremendous growth in these years. As of now, there are 321 state board junior colleges and 322 Sri Chaitanya schools in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Also, we are proud to say that we have successfully established more than 100 CBSE-registered schools all over India.

Being Asia's largest education group, we are committed towards making impactful changes in the education system. Through our exceptional faculties, wide range of programs and special care, we are establishing a culture of continuous advancements, innovation, and personal development.